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March 2, 2015
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Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior is important to many organizations because it helps management understand their employees’ behavior and attitude while they interact with each other while on the job. Police organizations play an important role in the value and development of each life in the community and are required to make judgments that have positive impact on those they protect both law enforcement and the communities at large. However, all of the decisions are based on various strategies and management capabilities that present it to the duty and protection of the lives and well being of both the citizenry and police officers. All of the qualities and management aspect stems from good training, development, recruitment, and evaluation of the process toward good discipline of personnel. Social, Political, and Organizational Behavior

Change is inevitable in any aspect of human lives. People want to change for the better not the worst and it is beneficial when it has some kind of influence that will yield positive results. In criminal justice agencies change can be an impact whether it identifies the type of power or leader influence; somehow there are advantages and disadvantages. Several influences can impact the social, political and organization behavior in the justice agencies. For example; policies, program design, developing action plans, and monitoring/evaluation involves an analysis that will affect the goals and objectives of that program system. However, the most complex and comprehensive approach in criminal justice is the effective planned policies that impacts decision making process that guides specific programs and policy design. Organizational Behavior and Organizational System

“Criminal justice agencies certainly fit the description of an organization. First, they are managed by being organized into a number of specialized units. Administrators, managers, and supervisors exist to ensure that these units work together toward a common goal; each unit working independently would lead to fragmentation, conflict, and competition (Peak, K. J., 2012, p.24.).” To improve the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and group organization is what organizational behavior is all about and it is somehow aligned with the structural arrangement in an organization that relates to systems and behavior in an organization. Therefore, we can see how organizational behavior and organizational systems relate in terms of management scale level and how it attempts to bring production goals and for those in authority to recognize that there must be coordination essentially to the responsibility and organization requirement to the overall success of the system. Perception and Techniques

The perceptions of organizational stakeholder can be managed in such way that describes how a positive or negative outlook is maximizing positively and to mitigate the negative views of the project. Some of the strategies to engage in would be communications, who is responsible to disseminate this information, and how often such communication is updated. This will create and maintain a competent and diverse workforce, but ultimately ensure public policy that will have an influence in developing and supporting the agency mission. Observable Aspects

“It is no less important today than in the past for criminal justice employee to appreciate and come to grips with ethical consideration (Peak, K. J., 2012, p.24. ).” The observable aspect are affected by three factors, level of temptation, compromising nature of organizational culture, and challenges posed by decision making process. However, given the kind of problems within the process, there is a decision of life and death that law enforcement must undergo on a daily basis, but assuring these officers undergo some kind of stress that...

References: Peak, K. J. (2012). Justice Administration: Police, Courts, and Corrections Management (7th ed.).
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