Organizational Behavior of Malaysia Airline

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Satisfactory/ Accomplishment of Malaysia Airlines

* Conscientiousness

In an airline company, an employee’s self-disciplined determined how the company image would be. Being an employee in the airline company, timeliness served as the most important among others. Every single customer of the airline company would expect the flight to be taken off and reached the destination on time. Hence, the punctuality of the flight pilot and crews plays an important role in the airlines. It could be difficult to imagine how the airline company could serve well if the pilot and crews were not punctual for all the flights. Besides that, the pilot or captain plays an important role on ensuring the safety of all the passengers and crews on the plane. The pilot’s discipline and skills determined the life of hundreds passengers in the flight. Besides, a disciplined pilot or even a friendly crew could give a dependable feeling for the customers to trust the company’s service. The customers ‘purchase’ the comfort and safe journey from a destination to another destination, hence it is very important for the pilot and crews of the airline to provide services which could reach the customer’s expectations.

* Agreeableness
Next, an employee’s good-natured and caring was important based on personality behaviours in the airlines. As we know, the most important job in the airline industry is the cabin crew. That is because cabin crew personnel is taking a full responsibilities on taking care of the passengers by serving snacks, drinks, meals, answering their passengers queries and fulfil their needs. Next is to apply first aid if situation arises. Other than that, another important job in the airline industry is the ticketing executive job. For this situation, MAS airline had improved their internet booking. As the result, it is convenient for their customer to purchase the tickets at home without having to incur the Global Distribution System (GDS) fee which is standard made via travel agents. In another words, MAS had offer their customer the convenience to booking the ticket by themselves and without charging them for services that they do not really need. (our internet booking facility, together with the MAS Passenger Services System (PSS), will offer customers a hassle free travelling experience from reservations to ticketing whilst at the same time, substantially reducing the operation costs.)

* Extroversion
Extroversion captures one’s comfort level with relationships. Extroverts tend to be gregarious, assertive, and sociable. In this situation, Malaysia Airlines had been a star on social media. That is because of Malaysia Airline having received a fair bit of coverage on SimpliFying in the past few years. That is MHBuddy initiative. MHBuddy was known as social CRM or social media. In the MHBuddy initiative, Malaysia Airline able to social with other, stay in touch with their customers and the most important is to understand their customer’s preferences so that Malaysia Airline could enhance their journey and experience. Besides that, Malaysia Airlines has joined oneworld alliance. With the addition of Malaysia Airlines in oneworld alliance, they are able to expand their route network. Other than that, Malaysia Airlines and oneworld was able to offer more services and benefits to their customers.

* Neuroticism

In the airlines company, most of the employees felt depressed on Malaysia Airline Company and director because Malaysia Airlines Company keeps suffering the massive losses until 2012. According to the Financial Year Chart, the company suffered the losses more than gained the profit. This is the reason most of the investors not tried to invest Malaysia Airlines. In 1997, according to New York Stock Exchange drops tremendously, it causes high inflation rate and unemployment rate worldwide world. It also affects Malaysia Airline Company but Former Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohammad Mahathir helps the...
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