Organizational Behavior of Governance in Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: March 30, 2013
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Pakistan has had a history of 65 years and within this passage of time one cannot say that the organizational behavior and leadership of this country has followed any particular pattern. Instead the country has gone through some major transformations since the day it came into being till the current date. A core purpose for the creation of Pakistan was that the Muslims of the subcontinent demanded a nation of their own where they had complete freedom to practice their religion and at the time of partition our country was geographically divided in two regions- East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh) and West Pakistan. The newly formed government of this baby born state comprising of Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan as the Prime Minister and Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the Governor General had to face major difficulties in managing East and West Pakistan as post partition riots had taken a toll and a great number of refugees moving from India to Pakistan had to be accommodated for. Other than this one of the major responsibility that needed to be catered for by the leaders of that time was to set up an efficient system of administration for the country. The two leaders didn’t stay alive long enough to cope up with all the problems rising in the state. Although at the time of formation of Pakistan it was declared as a country where people from all communities and religions could practice their religion with complete freedom but within the first decade the non-Ahmadiyya riots took place which was initiated by the intolerant Mullahs of that time. This resulted in loss of many lives and property. During the initial years when the government should have been focusing on policy making and constitution formation for the countries betterment in coming times, its major time was being wasted off in dealing with such crisis...
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