Organizational Behavior in a Global Context

Topics: Barack Obama, Organization, Affirmative action Pages: 5 (1690 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Organizational Behavior in a Global Context

Part 1: Overall Chapter Summary:

This chapter is talking about organizational behavior in a global context. What is organizational behavior in a global context? Base on the information from this chapter, every organization should do their businesses all over the world. After that people will have more possibilities to having a job. Also, that kind of culture is all about sharing values and ideas to help each other understand how and why countries do things. In several ways, the representation to globalization for employees and managers can happen. They can be introduce to globalization by moving to another company or by getting a promotion. Organizations should be always prepared with the appropriate training for employees that are willing to represent the organization in other countries. All over the world, if businesses are thinking of expand and then organization needs to have the useful equipment to have a successful business. Companies need to take in consideration that a lot of the meetings will be done virtually if businesses are being done outside of the country. Person that has the experience of working with other cultures will have better results in faster promotions and will be more attractive to their companies because of the enhanced knowledge and capabilities they develop. Just in case if organizations go wrong by having businesses in other countries because due to have poor job performance and an early return to the home country, just because of having stress over what is acceptable behavior or how quickly a person can get adjusted to other cultures. Also, when a person arrives to the other country they should still need to take additional training, especially if little training was provided before departure. Also language training may continue as well as exposure to the culture and to the area. To understand that most of the organizations focus on sending male worker to expand their business at other countries. Moreover, to understand that by not providing women with international assignments, organizations are failing to develop women’s knowledge and capabilities for higher level jobs. Companies also have to consider many issues that can be positive or negative if an organization has employees from other countries working side by side. This could be problems of having different values and different ways of thinking and even different norms for behavior in business meetings. Many global firms should have strict ethics concerning treatment of employees. These ethics should be well established and implemented so that everyone in the organization understands the consequences if there is unethical behavior between employees. Also organizations should always have a good reputation and good ethics concerning business environment. If organizations want to have successful, they have to concern about above those things. Part 2: Experiencing Organizational Behavior:

In 2008, the Unite States have first Africa American person as president, Barack Obama. He had father who was from Kenya and his white mother was from Kansas. He was lived Indonesia and Hawaii. Due to President Obama’s background, he described his family get- together as “mini United Nations meetings,” because some relative are look unlike American. President Obama has very strong beliefs; he believes things need to be changed like diversity government. His officials have thirty- four percent are female, 11 percent are black, 8 percent are Hispanic, and 4 percent are Asian. Even these change just small numbers but it reflects more diversity than before did. In my opinion, the way President Obama manage his government is the best way that all of President should learn about it. President Obama is doing well on have good various ethnic groups can help government better. In addition, people who work at White House have opportunities to give opinions, share ideas, engage in teamwork, and have their own...
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