Organizational Behavior and Communication

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The Organizational Culture of General Electric Company (GE)
Katrina S. Zapata
September 12, 2011
Gina Owens-Ricks
The Organizational Culture of General Electric Company (GE)
While an organization’s espoused values, those values an organization may claim to have or uphold, may define a company amongst its competitors, it is the organization’s enacted values, what a company actually does, that shows true value in the eyes of the consumer. For over 120 years, General Electric (GE) has provided services in technology from appliances to water treatment. We will briefly look into the culture and values of GE and see if what they say they value is actually done in the eyes of the public. How does communication play a role in this company’s organizational culture and does it affect the perception of the company? Can conflict be used to improve the communication within this particular organization? How? These are questions that will be answered throughout this research. The organizational culture of General Electric shows characteristics of being a people-oriented company. As stated by GE concerning their employees “We believe that life at GE leaves you a better person than when you first walked through our doors. Our culture is all about providing everyone who works here with the opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity and creativity while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.” (General Electric, 2009). The values of the company are based on performance and integrity and it is in those values that GE tries to build and compete during the circumstances of the times. It is through communication and the commitment of the employee that they are able to uphold those values. The inherit growth of the company would show that the employees’ enacted values are align with the espoused values of the organization. Perception plays a key role in communication within an organizational culture. How an organization communicates...

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