organizational behavior

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Attitudes and Organizational Behavior
Our text defines organizational behavior as “the study of the influence that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations.” Throughout this essay, I will be discussing some challenges and opportunities that come with organizational behavior. Also, I will be talking about attitudes, what the main components of attitudes are and also how consistent they can be. Lastly, I will be discussing the self-perception theory. (Robbins, Judge, 2008)

Organizational behavior is a complicated subject to study because there are few universal principles that explain it. They can generalize what might happen, but each situation, along with each person may be different. Two people in the same situation may do two completely opposite things, due to personal preferences and thoughts. One challenge for organizational behavior is globalization. As our text states, “As the world becomes a global village, the manager’s job is changing.” Because of globalization, managers are now having to work with foreign companies which brings them to working with people from different cultures. Even now, we are finding more and more employees that are not from the United States. Challenges that come from this could include different work ethics. Another big challenge is that corporations are moving their jobs to countries with a lower cost of labor. We cannot forget about challenges such as gender, race, national origin, age, disability, domestic partnership and non-Christian customs also. Our world is ever changing and in order to keep up with society, we as a people need to change and develop also. (Robbins, Judge, 2008)

On the positive side, organizational behavior brings many opportunities as well. It may improve quality and productivity of employees by providing managers with insight to changes in the workforce. Robbins and Judge state,...

References: Robbins, S. P. & Judge, T. (2008). Essentials of organizational behavior. (9th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Pg. 1-32.
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