Organizational Behavior

Topics: Employment, Performance, Task Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: April 23, 2013
lack of performance by Lucas on basic job elements
Lucas’ continuous inefficiency on implementing his work assignments •financial statements were prepared by other employees instead of Lucas doing them •company worried about Lucas’ mental capacity

the lack of action by former department head contributed to the dilemma in the workplace •Union’s position to prove that management was responsible to inform him •Company’s position to resolve a job performance issue within a company •Transferring Lucas to another job

-Lucas -general clerk I in the General Accounting department -ABC company
-employees who had prepared Lucas’ financial statements -newly appointed department head
-Medical department at the ABC
OB Knowledge:
¨Task performance -Not performed -the case shows that Lucas has not fulfilled the basic
elements of the job
¨Less engagement in citizenship behavior
¨Withdrawal behavior-Passive form of loyalty
¨Lucas: Citizens-high commitment, low performance which responds with passive loyalty ¨Former department head: work challenge stressor-less work responsibility ¨4 component model of decision making: Moral awareness:newly appointed department head recognized that a moral issue exists with Lucas Actions:

Lucas needs to get more insight about the job tasks that he is doing at the ABC company *Lucas needs to get some training
*The management should keep workers informed about the tasks that are relevant to them Consequences:
-Lucas was a star during those eight years. However, Lucas should be disciplined for not performing task performance because he was well aware of his poor work performance. And he did not take any actions towards avoiding a bad outcome that might be predicted in the long run. -former department head is the one who should be punished for his less work responsibility Proposed Solution:

-The best possible solution to the issue is to...
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