Organizational Behavior

Topics: Employment, Termination of employment, Layoff Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Organizational Behavior

Kaplan University

Sharon Betts

Corporate downsizing and the use of temporary workers are severing the bonds of loyalty that have tied many employees to their employers. Stress plays a big part in the deterioration in working conditions. For many employees who are stressed they are unable to perform their job duties as expected. Our reading tells us that when times are bad management has to make a decision on who loses their job and who has to take a pay cut and that causes workers to think about their future and how they are going to make ends meet. Work schedules and the lenghth of hours an employee works affect physical well-being and family relationships, this could have a negative impact on productivity. Layoffs affect the mental and physical well-being to work behavior. Many employees are working without benefits and no chance of advancement. As more and more organizations are making decisions to reduce benefits to cut cost, employees are worried how to make ends meet. When a company just focuses on making a profit and ignoring their employees this has a serious impact on working conditions. When this happens employees will work just enough to keep their job. Business organizations are expected to be efficient, profitable and keep shareholders interest in mind. Business organizations should have a responsibility to ensure employees have a secure job and good working conditions but are not required to secure them a job. As our reading tells us social relationships among co-workers and supervisors is associated with lower stress and lower intentions to quit. As a good manager of a business to have good interpersonal skills will make the work place a pleasant place to work. In any business one cannot guarantee an employee a secure job but can guarantee that the employee will have good working conditions. If a company sees that it is...
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