Organizational Behavior

Topics: Management, Organization, Human behavior Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Lesson #1, Assignment #2: 
Chapter 1 Case Study

Study Chapter 1 Organizational Behavior Case, "How Is This Stuff Going to Help Me?," found on page 29 of Organizational Behavior (11th Edition) and answer the following questions: 1. How would you relieve Jane's anxiety? How is a course in organizational behavior going to make her a better manager?

2. Why did the professor start off with a brief overview of emerging challenges?

3. How does a course in organizational behavior differ from courses in fields such as accounting, finance, or marketing?

Organizations are all around us. We are born in an organization, we live and work and most probably die in an organization. Yet most of us do not understand how people function, behave and interact between each other within these organizations. We also do not understand if people shape an organization or an organization shapes people. Communication is not a 'science' but a skill. No point in knowing how to do everything if you can't communicate your needs or instructions to others. The fact is that Jane cannot see how effective communication is important to business management, which highlights her need for such a course. Jane’s anxiety can be relieved by explaining her each and every term which is used for being a manager, like leadership skills, communication skills, motivating skills. If she is clear with every aspect then surely she will be relieved from her anxiety.

Organizational Behavior plays very important role, because in this subject we read about the behavior of individual, as well as in groups and that is very important aspect for making her a better manager. The professor starts off with a brief overview of emerging challenges because we need Organizational Behavior in field of management. Every person who works in an organization need to understand human behavior of other it may be his subordinate, superior and his collogues.

Organizational behavior is different from the other aspect like...
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