Organizational Approaches

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Organizational Approaches|
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Recently stated in our reading, (Medical Language Chapter 2) there 7 different organizational approaches to studying the human body. These approaches are several ways to divide, separate, and organize the body into logical ways depending on a specific view point. You can separate the body by body planes and body directions. This is common as well as by using body cavities and body systems. Anatomy and physiology are great strategies along with quadrants and regions. Microscopic to macroscopic and medical specialties are among the last of the organizational approaches for studying the human body. There is different positioning of the body depending on each organizational approach. Body planes and body directions are best studied when the body is in anatomical position. Anatomical position consists of standing erect with the head up and the eyes looking forward. The arms are down with the palms facing forward as well as the toes and the legs are straight. Body cavities are hollow spaces surrounded by bones or muscles. Body cavities can be studied by their internal organs. Various structures and how they function develop specific body systems. There are many different body systems and they are studied accordingly. Anatomy is the simple study of structure of the human body. Physiology is the study of the functions of those specific structures. These are both approaches in studying the human body. Quadrant and region studies are great for dividing the abdomen for physical examination of internal organs. Microscopic to macroscopic is the study of the human body according to its smaller parts and how they...
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