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Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics Pages: 6 (1907 words) Published: November 22, 2013
The creation of a better health care system has been one of the key drivers of change in the American social, economic and political reform agenda. Quality health care to al citizens has been a piped dream for many. In this paper we presents an analysis of the effectiveness of United Healthcare in the provision of quality health care. Our focus is on its environmental analysis with the aim of isolating the genesis of the problems related to poor ergonomics. An overview of the company

United Healthcare is a division of the largest single health carrier in the US called UnitedHealth Group. The company is recognized as a leader in the “well-being” and health industry (UHC,2011a) and its strives to improve the level of effectiveness as well as quality of the healthcare to all the US citizens, enhance the level of access to various health benefits, create products as well as services that are geared towards the making of healthcare more affordable, use various forms of technologies in the making of healthcare system an easier entity to navigate. The United Health Group has dedicated its efforts to the delivery of innovative products and services to close to 70 million US citizens. Its network is made up of close to 659912 health care professionals, Eighty thousand dentists as well as 5158 healthcare facilities (hospitals). Their pharmaceutical management programs have provided accessible and yet affordable access to various drugs to a staggering 13 million individuals. The company is committed to the delivery of very high quality health care as well as continuous improvement in the same. The UnitedHealth Group has dedicated its efforts in research and development (R&D) as well as business processes aimed at improving various aspects of healthcare provisions within the nation. Its investment in R&D is estimated at $ 3 billion in a period spanning the last 5 year. This level of investment has lead to a paradigm shift in the way health care is delivered in the entire industry (United Health Group, 2010). United American Healthcare Corporation (UAHC) is a company which is publicly held in the US. It is principally engaged in the provision of management as well as consultancy services. The services of which include corporate governance, strategic planning, HR functions, provider credentialing, accounts collection, enrolment, utilization review as well as prenatal care and other care management programs. General performance of the company

UnitedHealthcare was recently awarded the highest level of employer satisfaction rating for the various self-insured plans by J.D. Power and Associates (Reuters,2011). The company also received a very high mark from the American Medical Association (AMA) in the National Health Insurance Report Card (2011) (UHC,2011b). The fourth annual report card in total evaluated 7 national health insurance firms on the basis of accuracy as well as timeline of their processing of claims on the basis of a variety of approval as well as payment metrics. The company moved to the very top position among its competitors on a total of two metrics. These were, the Contracted Fee Schedule Match Rate, a metric use din indicating how often a given payment for a claim by an insurer matches the specified contracted fee schedule as well as the second metric, Remittance Advice (ERA) Accuracy used in measuring the rate at which the allowed amount by the insurer equals the amount that is expected for the physician’s practice. The insurance industry publication called the Business Insurance named the company the winner of 2010 “readers’ choice” award for the for "Best health plan provider"(BI,2010). Weaknesses

The company has very little online presence, a fact which directly impacts its business operations since the customer orientation towards the firm is nit clear cut. The company also has concentrated most of its business operation in the domestic USA market. This leads to a limitation in regard to...

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