Organization, Time Management for Online Student
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LSS 5100 Learning Strategies for Success in Graduate Programs
Unit I Essay
Hieu Nguyen

Nowadays, online learning has become one of the most common trend for modern education. People who are in lack of time and desire to get Master’s degree after finishing bachelor study often think about a flexible program that enable them to learn and study accommodatingly. When internet connections are becoming more available and affordable, teaching online has acquired all its needs to provide effective, efficient and favorable learning methods. In my opinion, there are many factors to archive success in online learning such as time management, communication and organization in order to be successful on modern education through online learning.
Working and learning efficiently with restricted hours requires time to be organized and managed wisely. For that reason, I have organized and managed my working and learning time into following steps:
Firstly, developing a plan working for everyday and every week.I often create a checklist of things that I have to accomplish and the deadline for the work. I always set reminders to help remind myself, for example I have a reminder tools in my smart phone to tell me of when I need to do what. I do not try to remember everything in my head. To stay on schedule, I devised a time table which I had to stick to. I used an electronic calendar in my cell phone, which I programmed to send out emails as reminders to myself and my team. This was a very useful tool and it is one that I have used continuously to manage my time effectively.
Secondly, setting goals. I set myself specific and clearly defined goals, and make sure that these are realistic and achievable. In order to fulfill this task, I have to examine my present situation and assess what goals are important and what action I need to take to achieve the target.I often propose an alternative

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