Organization Process Analysis

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Case Study Week 6
DeVry University
SAI 460: Organization Process Analysis

Case Study Week 6
Selling toys to kids is one of the best marketing strategy that man has found today, which makes Toys R Us is seen the leading retail company in selling children toys and games. They are not partial to the types of toys that they sell because they try to tap largely into all areas of the children market, which makes it a great start for inventors of new toys to market. Background

The company was founded back in 1948 by Charles Lazarus under the name of Children Supermart, the business quickly expand in the USA and Internationally with their headquarters in New Jersey, because it was the only Toy store that had the edge overall, during the time of the post war and the baby boomers, giving a gift of a toys to a kids then was not only heartwarming, but also great rehabilitation from era that they have just surpassed. Which makes, that even more standing company in the mind of individuals from then forward, they had made they made their mark so as to attained that number one position from generations to generations. The CEO back in the nineties Bob Moog made a bold decision not to have Toys R Us selling their goods online and refuse to every embarked on that type of business. One of the obstacles facing Moog was that Toys "R" Us wanted its online store to buy inventory, not where it could get the best prices, but rather through existing channels already established through its brick-and-mortar stores. In other words, the CEO wanted to create a lean, mean e-commerce machine that would compete with companies such as eToys, while the giant retailer insisted on holding on to its bureaucracy and old ideas. Instead of treating its Web site as an independent entity, Toys "R" Us is treating it as merely an extension of its brick-and-mortar self. By doing so, Toy's "R" Us just gave every e-commerce toy seller a head start...

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