organization culture

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Organizational Culture
Organizational philosophy
“To devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contributes to a better global society.”( as Samsung philosophy. Samsung believes that to achieve the common interests of mankind, and to improve the human quality of life are the Samsung unshakable responsibilities. As a human community, Samsung will dedicate full force for this purpose. As a company, Samsung will create the best products and services, so that customers get the fullest satisfaction. To achieve this philosophy,

1) Samsung focus on people. The company believes the talents are one of the most important strategies. In the past, present, and even future, focus on people is always one of the most important values ​​in Samsung(, The company delegates powers to lower levels, the management assigns specific tasks to the lower employees, and give them full authority to do the task. Samsung also attach importance to employees’ working and living environments. From the manufacturing floor to the office building, from relaxation center to the employees’ dormitory, Samsung makes their employees satisfactory with the entire environment. 2) Changes from “I” start. The company uses Catfish Effect to encourage the employees and the company itself. They believe that in order to be able to win in the competition, they must all times keep senses of crisis. For the company survival and successful, the company must constantly change. Samsung continues to add those lively, quick-witted young new employees into the basic staff and even management, and bring competitive pressures to those old-fashion and lazy employees and manager. They motivate employees continue to self-change, accept new knowledge and adapt the new environment. Thus, the company and employees constantly sum up former experience and consciously change. 3) From "quantity-based" to "quality-based", Samsung changed from...
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