Organization Behaviour Study at Bigbazar

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Study of
Organizational Behavior
Undertaken at
Guided By:
Mr. Rahul Vats. (Faculty- IBS)

Submitted By:
Pratik Asnani. (Roll No: 59)
Pratik Kotak. (Roll No: 19)
Aditya Trivedi (Roll No: 45)
Kathit Shah (Roll No: 60 )
Hardiksinh Chavda. (Roll No: 48)
Joytsana Chaudhry (Roll No: 52)
Company Profile:
Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India, currently with 75 outlets. It is owned by the Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Future Group. It works on the same economy model as Wal-Mart and has considerable success in many Indian cities and small towns. The idea was pioneered by entrepreneur Kishore Biyani, the CEO of Future Group. Currently Big Bazaar stores are located only in India. It is the biggest and the fastest growing chain of department store and aims at being 350 stores by the end of year 2010. Food Bazaar

Many Big Bazaar stores have a grocery department and vegetable section called the Food Bazaar. Big Bazaar stores in Metros have a gaming area and kids play area for entertainment. Objective:

Our aim was to analyze the organizational behavior through out the outlet we visited.

Executive Summary:

The project was undertaken by five group members. The operating areas were investigated with the set of three questionnaire sets gathering views of certain stakeholders as customers, employees and top management. The questionnaire form & responses obtained during the survey are also attached .The analysis proved efficient functioning of the organization & addressing key issues as retaining employees. The satisfied internal customers (employees) serving the customers are 77.4%. The outlet has maintained satisfaction level of customers visiting once a month for shopping at 91.80%.

Analysis of Organizational Behaviour within BIG BAZAAR:

• As reported the organization structure at Big Bazaar is tuned to the day scenario where flat organization is preferred over hierarchical system of management. The organization follows decentralized system in the HR department while Centralized system in the Supply chain department which gives human touch and consolidated information for the 120 line employees. • The span of control delegated to the ASM (Operations) responsible for profit management of the concern is above 25 people and the reporting structure is through e-mail which is the most efficient, accountable & accurate means of reporting. Moreover employees are rewarded on achieving targets. • In addition, the HR department follows a decentralized system giving employee responsibility, accountability & empowerment. The span of control designated to HR Executive & Department Manager (Apparels) is 10-20 people and the reporting structure is efficient with submitting daily reports.

• The management is remarkable in maintaining & retaining its workforce through Counseling & Motivation. The best part is that it gives due recognition & compensation for low absenteeism rate. • However, as many employees want some additional training programs to be conducted & aid in the education this would be highly appreciated.

Analysis of Employees Feedback:

Out of 60 employees we took 20 as our sample size which included 4 team leaders, 9 team members, 2 promoters, 1 head cashier, 2 from security department and 2 from pharmacy department.

Overall, 80% of employees who participated in our survey were satisfied and were enjoying their job @ Big Bazaar.

Analysis of Customers Feedback:

The below analysis proves that the outlet has been successful in attracting a large customer database & satisfactory level is more than 70%. Also 55% customers visit the store twice a month. However, the scope of improvement lies in CRM & addressing billing issues that forms the crucial part of purchase. Also as demanded the store must add some brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok due to which customers have to visit these stores.

We really appreciate the quality time given to...
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