Organization Behaviour

Topics: Organizational culture, Organizational structure, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 16 (4809 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Table of Contents
Introduction of organization1
AC1.1 Two different organizational structure and culture1
Fig 1: Tesco Holding Company Structure3
Tesco Holding Company Structure4
Fig 2: Starbucks Divisional Structure4
Starbucks Divisional organization structure5
Similarity and differences between two organization structures5 TASK 1B5
AC 1.2 Structural and Cultural impact on performance of business5
Power culture,6
Role culture,6
Task culture6
People or support culture6
Tesco culture7
Starbucks culture7
AC 1.3 Major factors that influence individual behavior7
AC 2.1 Five major leadership styles7
Application of managerial grid in Tesco9
AC 2.2 Organization theory9
AC 2.3 Application of organizational theories10
TASK 111
AC 3.1 Impact of leadership style on motivation in change period11
AC 3.2/3 Motivational theories11
Workplace situation of motivational theories12
Compare and evaluation of three motivational theories12
TASK 113
AC 4.1 Formal group13
Informal group13
Nature of formal and informal group13
TASK 214
AC 4.2 Factors for effective team building14
TASK 315
AC 4.3 Impact of technology on team functioning15
Internet references16

Introduction of organization
Tesco is the third largest British multinational retailer company after Wal-Mart and Carrefour, whose stores operating in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. The Tesco UK stores portfolio comprise Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstores, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Homeplus, onestop, Dobbies. The Tesco share price in stock market is £298 and market segment distributed is 73% in Europe, 9% in Asia and North America is 18%. (Accessed on 01/06/2012) TASK 1A

AC1.1 Two different organizational structure and culture
The Tesco corporate structure is a holding company, and three subsidiary companies which are located in each of the regions of the world in which it operates Europe, Asia and North America. Tesco Operates four types of store: supermarket, hypermarkets, discount stores and convenience stores. (Accessed on 01/06/2012) Holding Company Structure

Holding company Structure is suitable for those who are diversified. In holding structure the Head office act as almost an investment company, where acquired business is allowed to continue to trade under their original name. The holding structure demand that companies under parent company operate independently and autonomously. Each company has its own strategy, its customers and its own resources. (Viardot, 2011) Starbucks

Starbucks having a divisional organization structure under which company group its activities around product or region. The Starbucks has variety of goods to a variety of customers in several different markets and thus divisional structure is best fit to the organization. Each Starbucks division operates with higher degree of specialization and possesses full authority to utilize resources and react swiftly to changes in their specific business environment. (Accessed on 01/06/2012)

Divisional Structure
Some time also referred as SBU, Strategic business unit, which is independent body of the organization, having full autonomy to develop and marketing its own product and service. (Viardot, 2011)

Fig 1: Tesco Holding Company Structure
Tesco Regional Board Structure

Tesco Holding Company Structure
Being as holding structure, Tesco doesn’t involve any operational activities directly in their subsidies which comprise supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount and convenience stores. Tesco control these companies...

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