Organization Behaviour

Topics: Management, Equals sign, Relational operator Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: February 28, 2013
BeThis assignment is asked to critique a given article “Why It’s So Hard to Be Fair” by Joel Brockner 2006. Before doing the critique let’s see when the feeling of being fairly treated or not has occur? Fairness is needed where there is more than one person involving in a task. When a person is alone and carrying out a task individually all by him/herself for his/her own benefits, that person will not feel any unfairness. This means the feeling of being treated fairly or unfairly is the comparison act between the individuals. In the given article, the author has mentioned several benefits by practicing process fairness such as better cost effective, improve performance of the organization, decrease potential risk of law suits, etc. So firstly let’s look at whether the practice of process fairness actually is that good and are there any limitation to process fairness. So firstly let’s look at how the process fairness and job performance related. The given articles mentioned that if the senior managers and middle managers practice process fairness the performance of the employees will most likely be increase or at least maintain and not to drop. In general, the above claim can be right. However, there are some scholars found out that there are only modest correlation between process fairness and job performance. Research from Colquitt et al. found that there were only (0.10 to 0.36) correlation between process fairness and job performance which means there were no strong correlation between job performance and process fairness (Colquitt et al, 2001). However, this does not mean that process fairness or fairness in the organization is not important. It is just that employees’ perceived to fairness may different by individually and partly depend on contingencies they face (Collins, Mossholder and Taylor, 2012). Moreover, scholars have explained that process fairness does not only mean the interaction between managers and employees but also include organizational...
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