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Out with the Old, In with the New
Rex Justice is a long-term employee of the Car fax Corporation, and for the last several years he has been a supervisor in the financial section of the firm. He is very loyal to Car fax and works hard to follow the company policies and procedures and the orders of the managers above him. ln fact, upper-level management thinks very highly of him; they can always count on Rex to meet any sort of demand that the company places on him. He is valued and well-liked by all the top managers. His employees in the financial section have the opposite opinion of Rex. They feel that he is too concerned with pleasing the upper-level brass and note early concerned enough with the needs and concerned of the employees in his department. For example, they feel that Rex never really pushes hard enough for a more substantial slice of the budget.
Relative to other departments in the company, they feel they are underpaid and
Overworked. Also, whenever one of them goes to Rex with a new idea or suggestion for improvement, he always seems to have five reasons why it can't be done. There is considerable dissatisfaction in the department, and everyone thinks that Rex is just a puppet for management. Performance has begun to suffer because of his style and
Leadership. Upper-level management seems to be oblivious to the situation in the finance section.
1. How would you explain Rex’s leadership style in terms of one or more of the
Approaches discussed in the book’?
2. What advice would you give Rex to improve his approach to leadership?
3. Could a leadership training program be set up to help Rex? What would it consist of?

با قدیمی، با جدید
رکس جاستیک یک کارمند بلند مدت از شرکت فکس خودرو است، و برای آخرین
چند سال او بوده است ناظر در بخش مالی شرکت. او بسیار
وفادار به فکس خودرو و سخت کار می کند که به پیروی از سیاست ها و روش شرکت و
سفارشات از مدیران بالاتر از او. LN واقع، مدیریت سطح بالا فکر می کند بسیار بسیار
از او. آنها

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