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Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. (CPF)
Organization and Supply-Chain Management
The CPF group strives to maintain its leading position in the agro-industrial and food industry. The company dedicates to provide high quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe products to satisfy consumers' needs in many markets around the world. As the company determines to fulfill the vision of becoming the "Kitchen of the World", CPF significantly place importance on research and development to improve production efficiency at every step of operations as well as develop products to meet customers and consumer's satisfaction. CPF is additionally committed to operating business with environment friendliness and contribute back to society at large. CPF is fully committed to quality assurance to ensure that food products produced by CPF meet the quality and food safety of all international standards. Through development and experimentation, CPF have successfully developed a wide array of food products to please consumer tastes around the world.

CPF for the environment
CPF has followed high ethical standards and has used careful discretion in conduction business with concern for consumers’ safety and health. Environmental conservation for the benefit of society as a whole, and development of new products and services with high quality standards through the use of advanced technology which will ultimately benefit business partners and consumers. CPF realizes that human resource is the material factor for the success of the company. Having good and proper working values shall also support the company efficiently reach its target setting. Hence, we have set forth 6 principles which are incorporated into CPF Way -- the basic qualities that we wish to instill in our personnel and to strive to bring the organization to achieve the targeted goals.

6 cultural foundations for sustainability success
1. Three Benefits to Sustainability
2. Speed and Quality
3. Simplification
4. Adapt to change
5. Innovativeness
6. Integrity, Honesty and Reciprocity

Safety, Health and Environmental Management
From the vision to become “Kitchen of the World” Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) devoted itself in research and development in accordance to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness. CPF and its subsidiaries have highly concerned on managing Occupational Safety and Health for every employees and workers. In other words, the company has valued that employee is the most valuable resource as human capital. SHE Management System

1. Policy and management structure
2. SHE strategic plan
3. Operating plan
4. Analysis and follow-up
5. Revision by management
6. Corporate Structure
11. Operations
12. Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) operates fully integrated agro-industrial businesses comprising the manufacturing of animal feed, animal farming, the manufacturing of food products (including semi-cooked meat, fully-cooked meat and ready to eat product under the CP brand) and the food retailer business. 13. CPF categorizes its businesses according to product types as follow: 14. 1) Feed

15. 2) Farm including animal breeding, animal farming and basic meat processing and 16. 3) Food including semi-cooked meat, fully-cooked meat and ready-to-eat products  17. Feed
18. CPF is a pioneer and leader in the production and sale of animal feed in Thailand. The major products include swine feed, chicken feed, duck feed, shrimp feed and fish feed. CPF produces various form of feed, such as concentrate, powder and pellet, with feed-mill plants located in every region throughout Thailand. The Company sells to small independent farmers and large farms, both directly and via appointed agents or distributors across the country. 19.  

20. CPF’s feed formulas are produced with adherence to the nutrition requirements specified for each animal type and its stage of growth. All production...
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