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Task 1
a) List two areas of legislation that you may need to consider when organising and conducting meetings. OH&S and minutes of meeting
b) Explain how it would apply in a workplace.
Minutes of a meeting are so motions can be upheld or not. Minutes are important so what happened in the meeting is recorded and everyone who attended or sent apologies has a copy. OH&S legislation is to protect workers and employers. Task 2

Match each of the following meeting types with the correct descriptions below the table. Meeting TypesDescriptions (A,B,C,D,E)











a) Does not have the formal structure of a board meeting but is likely to have an agenda or list of items to be considered and a person nominated to control the meeting. b) Participants understand the purpose of the meeting and manage the progress of the meeting themselves c) Meeting is relaxed and doesn’t adhere to a strict structure or guidelines. It may be convened spontaneously because a need has been recognised and may not have a formal agenda d) Usually occurs spontaneously and involves only two to three people. There is no formal structure but those attending would know the purpose of the meeting and have particular points they want to discuss. e) Follows established meeting procedures and protocols. Meeting rules are strictly adhered too. Task 3

You are organising a meeting from a group of 10 people. The meeting is to discuss a new product that the company is launching and will include a PowerPoint presentation. You have heard that one of the participants has injured themselves at a sporting event and will come to the meeting in a wheelchair. a) Spare copies

b) Telephone
c) Computer
d) Data projector
e) Videoconferencing
f) Wheelchair access
Answer: f) Wheelchair

Task 4
Prepare a meeting agenda for the meeting described below.

The main purpose of the meeting is for the CEO...
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