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This paper is a business report about the Organisations and Behaviour of Da Nang Women’s hospital and Family Medical Practice. This content is that we find out the organizational structure and culture of FMP and DnWH. The structure and culture are key factors which contribute to motivating the workforce at all levels of organization. Moreover, we know and understand different approaches to management and leadership and especially way of using motivational theories in organizations. The information in this report has research from book, internet, website and documentary of Family Medical Practice and Danang Women’s Hospital. Though this report, I learn about the relationship between organizational structure and culture, understand individual and group behavior in organisaiton and to examine current theories and their application in managing behavior in the workplace.

Family Medical Practice
Family Medical Practice is the first multi-disciplinary medical provider with 100% foreign investment in Vietnam and opened in Hanoi in 1994. Now with six modern clinics in Hanoi, Danang and HCMC, they cover the whole of the country. With more than 50 years of combined experience in South East Asia, Family Medical Practice has the expertise to handle any health concern or emergency in a compassionate, ethical, professional and confidential manner. They always pride themselves on our ability to provide the highest standard of care and the latest equipment and diagnostic tools. Family Medical Practice Danang is the third medical facility of the Family Medical chain in Vietnam. They provide western standard medical care with foreign trained personnel and all staff is English speaking. At the time of writing FMP’s have the only western doctor in Danang. The clinic has a fully equipped ambulance on stand-by 24 hours a day, to respond to the emergency need of patients. All ambulances have well trained staff doctors and nurses on board to provide treatment on route to hospital. If you can’t speak much Vietnamese, the family medical practice is the place to go when you need a doctor in Danang. It is a clean, well run facility better than standards of many western medical clinics. Da Nang Women’s Hospital

Women’s Hospital is the first hospital for needy women in Viet Nam and the first hospital for poor women opens its doors in Da Nang city. With construction of the 21-bed and total invested capital of VND75 billion from domestic and foreign organisations and individuals, hospital began formally working in 2007. The hospital is equipped with the most modern facilities of any hospital in the Central – Central Highland provinces in Viet Nam, and doctors and other medical staff are qualified and committed. With the aim of giving charity, the hospital provides free medical examination and treatment for poor women who need cure but cannot afford to pay hospital fees. Thanks to the hospital, many poor women in Da Nang are given correct and timely diagnoses and treatment. The patient takes comfort in the fact that you’ve chosen a hospital that specializes in the care of women and babies and is equipped to handle the expected as well as the unexpected. 1.1Compare and contrast different Organisational structure and culture. The similar of Women’s Hospital and Family Medical Practical: Extent of Business: Both are the company to responsible for checking and taking care of the health for everybody and have full the facilities and equipment based on standards of medical. The different of Women’s Hospital and FMP’s Organisational Structure and Culture: Organisational Structure

First of all, the difference between Women Hospital Structure and Family Medical Structure is that DnWH structure is function and tall structure but FMP structure is geography and flat structure. The structure of Da Nang Women’s Hospital

Source: Women’s Hospital- Vice Director...

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