Organisational Factor Erp Report

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Organisational Factors Play Significant Role In ERP Implementation

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Purpose: To study and find out the organisational factors which play a significant role in the successful implementation of ERP and finally find out the relation between the factors which helps us in narrow down the factors so that we can get the most influenced factor to concentrate upon. It’s quite difficult for the company to take care of all the factors, so our next aim to find the major factor(s) which have more criticality over the others. Methods: During research project we collected the data from Primary and Secondary source. We prepared around 16 questions and get them answered from the employees and managers of the company who are currently using ERP. Apart from it we interviewed some top management level people for the detailed knowledge and its importance. Findings: After getting the results we found that we can group these factors into three groups according to the impact over the other.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are adopted by many organisations to meet various challenges of information flow and competition. ERP systems help to make the key business processes to be automated and integrated in an organization. ERP systems help in timely flow of the information which can help in making efficient strategic decisions. Following pattern is followed, the related literature is reviewed. Then, hypothesis and objective is presented followed by research methodology used for study. Next, observation, findings and analysis are discussed. Finally, conclusion and suggestions are given. Literature Review

2.1 ERP implementation success
Several factors may affect ERP implementation in organizations. These factors include, lack of top management support (Supramaniam and Kuppusamy, 2011; Shah et al., 2011; Finney and Corbett, 2007; Bhatti, 2005; Wong et al., 2005), business requirement gap (Shah et al., 2011; Wong et al., 2005), user involvement (Francoise et al., 2009; Rasmy et al., 2005) and vendor support (Al-Mashari et al., 2006; Thavapragasam, 2003), communication and co-ordination which may cause ERP implementation failure. ERP systems always require changes in work flows which need organizational alignment which requires top management support. Top management commitment and support is noted as a critical factor which has a positive effect (i.e. positively related) on the success of ERP implementation success (Rasmy et al., 2005; Supramaniam and Kuppusamy, 2011, Shanks and Light, 1999; Shah et al., 2011). Finney and Corbett (2007) also stated that top management support has the 1st most critical success factors regarding ERP success in his research.

2.2 Organisational factors influencing successful ERP implementation Determining factors that are positioned behind a successful ERP system implementation has been a key research question in previous research. Implementation of an ERP system is a complex process including a great many factors and conditions which can potentially influence successful implementation. These factors might have a positive effect on the ERP implementation project outcome, whereas the lack of these conditions could create trouble through ERP implementation. Many researchers have recognized that there are many factors that could be critical to the successful implementation of ERP. For example, [36] Somers and Nelson (2004) recognized that there are 22 critical success...
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