Organisational Dialouge

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Question 2 A range of authors (e.g. Gerard and Ellinor 2001 Isaacs 1993, 1999 Schein 1993 Senge 1995) suggest that dialogue can positively transform organizational cultures. Do you agree with this assessment Why Why not Engage with relevant academic literature in developing your argument. For the proper conduct of any organisation, it is very important for the employees to communicate with each other. In an organisation, 80 of the employees spend their time communicating with each other. Communication is the most important key to share knowledge, information, build trust, and share each others opinions to run any organisation. The process of dialogue is an invitation to create organisation cultures through conversations. Communication is a learning process, which shifts a person to deeper understanding of getting along with different people in a group. Individual can find a new way to get connected with different type of people within the firm they work. It brings all the ideas together and suspends judgment, so that people will have a greater chance to understand each other. This easy will study, the positive and negative impact of dialogue transforming in organisational cultures. The role of dialogue is to spread common values meanings that company wants its employees to follow all the employees should express their own interest. Organisational culture guides the behaviour of all employees in the organisation and also determines the things should be done. Each organisation has its own culture, which the employees have to follow and achieve high goals. The purpose of dialogue is creating understanding between the employees in any organisation (Gerard and Ellinor 2001). They have discussed in their book about dialogue and discussion. They have mentioned that in a discussion, the employees try to hide their thoughts and dont communicate with each other. They dont care about their colleagues need and opinion. They just come out with their own point of...
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