Organisational Dialouge

Topics: Culture, Management, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: May 28, 2014
In the recent light of globalization and change in the dynamics of management, the classical theory of management has shown inadequacy and infeasibility in the real world. Thus leading to the evolution of contemporary theories, which are contrary to the hierarchal nature of top-down flow of information. These theories had to evolve on how best to organize in light of new developments (Miller 2009). Therefore, it depends on how the leaders manage communication within the organisation (Groysberg, & Slind 2012). This essay will argue that good leadership communication correlates to the communication practices adopted by the leader and the organisation as whole, which in turn improves the productivity of the organisation. It will focus on the four general but core aspects of good leadership communication, role of feedback in the organisation, importance of listening, informal communication and the cultural sensitivity that is needed especially in an era of globalization.

Organisations that do not adequately practice feedback are paying a considerable cost due to the quality of the decision made by the top management, which has a negative impact on the organisation (Tourish & Robson 2003). An organisation without the system of feedback can flourish unpleasant and uncontrollable things such as; undesirable and destructive work practice, a demotivating climate of opinion and never ending communication breakdowns (Eunson 2005). In today’s fierce economic climate, there is evidence that show that a company who makes effective use of feedback practices has a competitive advantage (Baker, Perreault, Reid & Blanchard 2013). A good feedback climate would encourage employees to develop emotionally and also free them to be creative and take risks. Mulder (2013) believes it helps to bind the organizational goal with continuity and fluidity, boost creativity and drives motivation in the individuals (Baker, Perreault, Reid & Blanchard 2013). Individual knowledge within the...
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