Organisational Culture Change in British Airways

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Sandra Romano Vieira
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Organisational culture change in British Airways

The purpose of the report is to investigate British Airways’ perpetuation of culture. Thus, in order to determine if whether or not there is a need for cultural change within the company.
According to the British Airways Annual Report & Account (2003/2004), the company is considered as “the world’s second biggest international airline. It is also one of the world’s longest established airlines…”
British Airways disposes of a well-established international reputation, it is therefore pertinent to analyse the company’s process to cultural changes. Similarly to other airlines companies, it has suffered from the contemporary economical recession and had to face the crisis. In order to respond to the latter, the company used organisational culture change.
Furthermore, it is important to look at the concept of organisational culture in order to acquire a better understanding of the situation. According to Jacques (1952) “The culture of the factory is its customary and traditional way of thinking and doing things, which is shared to a greater or lesser degree by all its members, and which new members must learn, and at least partially accept, in order to be accepted into service in the firm. Culture in this sense covers a wide range of behaviour…”
In other words, the concept of cultural organisation possesses a strong historical background. Jacques (1952) compares it to an educational process, which indoctrinates all the members of a company. Standardizing these third parties’ behaviour and way of thinking.

Terms of reference * To analyse the type of culture existing within British Airways * To examine the perpetuation of culture within British Airways * To determine if there is or not a necessity for cultural

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