Organisational Culture

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A Proposal to Aid in Changing and Improving the Company’s Organisational Culture

A Proposal to Change and Improve the Company’s Organisational Culture All aspects of this proposal are based on a fictitious situation. I will summarise the aspects of the organisational culture and the aspects that could improve the culture of this fictitious organisation. I currently hold the position of manager at a small, privately owned coffee bistro/book store. I have been an employee there for 3 years and have held the management title for 6 months. There are a total of 11 employees of differing positions. As cited by Greenberg an organisational culture is the shared beliefs, expectations, or core values of the all the people within the organisation (Schneider, 1990). The proposal outline will be structured around this premise. The organisational culture of the organisation where I work

There are 6 different kinds of cultures within organisations. They are sensitivity to others, interest in new ideas, willingness to take risks, value placed on people, openness of available communication options, and friendliness and congeniality (Martin, 1996). I have observed that the organisation for which I work embodies 4 of these, which I will discuss in detail in the final report. I also plan to discuss the influence that the owner has had on this culture as well as how the organisation has what is referred to as a market culture. As manager I run the organisation on behalf of the owner, who is the foremost authority. An organisations culture may be either strong or weak. I believe that we have the latter, as some employees have stated that they feel uninspired by the work that they do. It is my belief that the culture is a relatively healthy one because the employees are valued members of the team and their opinions are respected. However, it can be improved. How new employees are accommodated in my organisation

In my experience a new employee is always warmly welcomed and...

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