Organisational Change

Topics: Management, Hotel, Change management Pages: 7 (2335 words) Published: May 4, 2013
For every successful business, change is essential. Changes can be made and come as a form replacement or modification, in order to achieve strategic fit for the business. Living in an age where the change of demands switches from one form to another within an instant, businesses have to well-informed and keep up with the ever-changing market in order to maintain its survival. In this case study of Courthouse Hotel, detailed analysis will be provided, covering various areas of change, in regards to different driving forces acting on the business, change management, the Carnall’s coping cycle and Kirkpatrick’s change model. In addition, different ideas and recommendation will be given in regards to management planning and execution. These recommendations are to given to ensure successful implementation in application of the business of Courthouse Hotel. (130 Words)

Internal and External drivers for change
External drivers faced by Courthouse Hotel include but does not limit to, ‘Globalisation’, ‘Social Trend, and ‘Industry-Level Shifts’. Facing new competitions and threats from well-know national and international chain hotels, it has created a huge impact on the business of Courthouse Hotel. The inability to keep up with the social trend in terms of lifestyle, consumer’s ‘taste’ and demand, will definitely affect any business in the hotel industry. Judging from Courthouse Hotel’s scenario, with no function of banqueting facilities, porters and room service, it has dramatically challenge the survival of their business as these services and facilities has become a norm to have or demand from any consumer staying at a hotel. Failure to market their business internationally will also provide pitfalls of failure for Courthouse Hotel, as once consumers fail to recognize the existence of the hotel; the demand for their services will drop. Customers of any hotel are primary filled by people from aboard, it’s important to have good marketing campaigns made across continents. Internal drivers include having a well built organisational structure, its important that the staff are divided into different department and made responsible for the different roles and function of the business, in order to keep it functioning. Clear understanding and purposes is essentially, without proper understanding of core goals and mission, Courthouse Hotel will be functioning without any direction, and thus no improvements or objectives will be reached. Having a good leader and right approach of leadership style will motivate the employee towards the right direction. A good leader will be able to guide and create an environment employees enjoy working in, maintaining a balance in the organisation. (266 words)

Nature of Change
With increasing competition, from well-known national and international chain hotels, providing higher standard of services and larger range of facilities and quality of food. In contrast to the situation, Courthouse Hotel is providing lower standard of services, limited facilities and carrying limited range and quality of food. Courthouse Hotel only means of competitive edge gained are through the lower prices offered by them as compared to their competitors. With expectation to increase their volume of trade by 60%, due to the impending opening of a new convention centre, Courthouse Hotel undertakes a transformational change, with intention to break away from their past by replacing new ideas and functions in their business. These changes include offering a wider range of services as compared to before. Refurbishment and opening of a new banqueting suite, a new restaurant, leisure club, a full portering service and room service. Going through transformational change, it would require building up a brand new foundation of how the business perceive, understand and their core values and mission. Decisions were made base on the perspective of the current problems faced by the hotel business, by...
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