Organisational Behaviours Assignment

Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: November 15, 2014
BE410 Coursework Assignment 2014/15

The assessment for BE410 is by coursework only and takes the form of a reflective learning portfolio. This will be structured in two parts, with the first part comprising 15% of the module mark and the second, final submission comprising 85% of the mark. The whole portfolio will combine several separate mini-assignments, each between 500 and 1500 words, to give a total word count for the module of up to 5500 words.

The idea of a learning portfolio like this is twofold:
It provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate to us the work that you have done on BE410. This means that you have to show us that you have read and understood not only the readings from classes and lectures, but also some of the supplementary readings. The assignments are related to key class activities, so if you neglect the readings and case studies we provide, you are unlikely to pass. For the highest grades you will also be expected to take your research and reading beyond the reading lists. It provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of different academic skills. This includes your knowledge of the subject, but also your ability to: summarise and explain academic theories; describe empirical examples; apply theory to explain examples; synthesise and combine different bodies of knowledge; reflect upon your personal experience using theory; critically evaluate theories, models and examples on the basis of evidence and consistency; develop and defend your position in an academic debate; conduct research in the library in order to find and analyse appropriate academic materials.

Part one will be the first section of the portfolio. This is summative, as it counts for 15% of the module mark, but the main intention is that it should be formative. Students will engage in peer evaluation and feedback as well as receiving feedback from the module team. The intention here is for students to reflect upon their own work, and...
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