Organisational Behaviour in Ghana

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Organisational Behaviour.
The Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO) is an aluminium reduction facility (smelter) located in the industrial seaport city of Tema, east of the capital city of Accra.
VALCO was originally jointly owned by Kaiser Aluminium and Chemical Corporation (KACC) - 90% and Reynolds Metals Company .The Government of Ghana purchased the 90% shares of KACC in October 2004 and subsequently completed acquisition in June 2008. Therefore, currently VALCO is solely owned by the Government and people of Ghana.

The VALCO smelter consists of a self-contained five pot lines reduction facility that includes a private dock, raw materials storage area, carbon anode manufacturing Plant and a value-adding metal casting facility. The businesses which the company is currently authorised to carry on are the construction and operation of facilities for processing of alumina into aluminium. VALCO produces aluminium of world-class quality by electrolytic reduction of alumina (derived from bauxite) to meet the entire Ghanaian (local) demand and for export. VALCO is set up to convert the aluminium it produces into value-added products like billets (for the manufacture of aluminium doors and window frames), rolling ingots (for the manufacture of aeroplane parts, beverage cans) and foundry ingots and sows (for the manufacture of electrical wires, roofing sheets, cooking utensils, etc). VALCO has experienced four (4) total shutdowns in its operating history with the latest occurring in January 2009 as a result of low world market prices, also a consequence of the global credit crunch. The plant restarted in January 2011. VALCO has a 9-Member Board of Directors.

The Management Team of the Company is an all-Ghanaian team led by the Chief Executive Officer, four Deputy Chief Executive Officers in charge of Operations, Engineering and Maintenance; Power and Integrated Aluminium Business; Human Resource/Administration, Medical Services, Legal and Public Affairs, and Finance and Commerce In addition there are six Directors in charge of the following Departments: Carbon Operations; Cell Lines; Cast House; Technical; Docks, Engineering and Maintenance; and Medical. The Corporate Organization chart of VALCO is attached in the appendix. The VALCO Smelter when well positioned could serve as the fulcrum around which Ghana’s Integrated Aluminium Industry could be developed. The strategic plan, aims at enabling VALCO take advantage of its strengths and the opportunities available to it as well as address the challenges it faces, as it positions itself for the greater good of the country - supporting the local downstream industries as well as facilitating the development of the upstream alumina refinery and associated industries. With a potential of employing over one thousand at full production capacity VALCO presently has a staff strength of five hundred and forty one people at a twenty per cent operating capacity. VALCO’s vision is to become the best in class aluminium smelter in the world, playing a pivotal role in the development of Ghana’s integrated aluminium industry. Their mission statement is “To produce high quality, primary aluminium at competitive cost for the Ghanaian and international markets in a way that meets or exceeds customers and shareholders’ expectations, provide market for the development of Ghana’s other related natural resources, supply raw materials for Ghana’s growing downstream industry, provide safe, challenging and rewarding employment all in an environmentally-friendly manner.” WORKPLACE MOTIVATION SYSTEMS

One of the greatest challenges for organizations, in particularly for the HR function is to create and maintain motivated and committed workforce.1 Motivation represents the forces within a person that affects his or her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behavior. 2 The study shows that MARS motivation model exists within the organization. Abraham Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory4...
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