Organisational Behaviour

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Historical Development of Organization Behavior

The field of organization has developed from the studies conducted by the behavioral students of organization.

1.The Classical Theorists

Just before World War II, and aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, the shape and nature of management started changing. Large scale production, poor labour conditions, poor environment, gave birth to the thinking whether production can be increased by improving these conditions. It is from this perspective new behavioral theories developed leading to more efficient organization.

d.The Classical Theorists

(i)Henry Fayol, Gullick, Urwick and others were working in organisations and wanted to develop ideas which were universally applicable. In this process they developed Principals of Organisation/management that according to them were universally applicable to all the organizations, for 14 example principles developed by Henry Fayol, POSDCoRB. The idea behind these principals to improve performance and productivity of organization.

(ii)The Scientific Management Movement

Frederick W. Taylor called his ideas of management ‘Scientific Management’. He advocated parity of wages—the internal as well as external and thus created interest in the workers and the supervisors. He created and developed various wage payment plans, supervisor training in order to make supervisor a strong link between non management group. F. W. Taylor also recognized the need for giving financial incentives to the workers and therefore developed incentive payment plans too. The changes he brought to management thought paved the way later for the development of Organisational Behavior.


The concept of bureaucracy was first formally formulated by the German sociologist Max Weber. He identified number of features that would make organization function efficiently. Prominent among those features are hierarchy, rules and regulation,...
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