Organisational Behaviour

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What is OB?
Organizational behavior or OB is the study of human behavior, attitudes, and performance in organizations. The study of OB is mainly concerned with the psychosocial, interpersonal, and behavioral dynamics in organizations. Organizations are systems of interacting components, such as people, tasks, technology, and structure. These internal components also interact with components in the organization’s task environment. Organizations as open systems have people, technology, structure, and purpose, which interact with elements in the organization’s environment. Nature of OB

Organizational behavior is an eclectic field of study that integrates the behavioral sciences into the study of human behavior within organizations. Human behavior in organizations is not an exact science. One of the failures of the scientific management movement was its belief that human behavior can be easily predicted. OB involves the study of abstract ideas, such as valance and expectancy in motivation, as well as the study of tangible matters, such as observable behaviors and physiological symptoms of distress at work. Therefore, learning about OB is a multidimensional activity. It involves three stages: mastery of basic objective knowledge, skill development, and application of knowledge and skills. Scope of OB

Cooperative relationships help organizations to achieve their objectives. OB provides the means to understand and achieve cooperative group relationships through interaction, reshuffling of members among groups, avoidance of win-lose situations, and focus on the overall group objectives. Levels of Understanding Human Behavior

Organizational behavior helps in understanding human behavior at various levels of human interaction. The levels include: individual level, interpersonal level, group level, and intergroup level Individual Level

Direction (goal-oriented rather than random), intensity (amount of goal-directed effort), and persistence (continued effort overtime)...
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