Organisation Structure of Tesco’s

Topics: Hierarchy, Structure, Government Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Tesco is a hierarchical structure because it has a lot of layers and also a lot of people reporting into more than one person before that information get to the boss. A hierarchical structure has many levels. Each level is controlled by one person. A hierarchical company tends to be a very big, like Tesco is. A hierarchical business structure would mean that the chain of command looks like a pyramid, with a large base of workers, who are directly supervised by the smaller level above them, who are in turn supervised by the level above them, continuing on to the top ranking officer such as CEO Terry Leahy in Tesco’s Circumstance. If there was a problem in a hierarchical structure it would move up through the structure again from one person to another until it gets to where it is supported to be. Strengths of a Hierarchical structure in a hierarchical structure there is a close control of workers. Workers in Tesco will know exactly what they have to do so they don't wait around until they are told Other Advantage of Tesco’s having a hierarchical structure would be that they would have clear authority and responsibility this makes sure that everybody know what they are doing and know that there will be consequences if the tasks are not finished this in turn help Tesco’s fur fill the purpose. Because without a manager telling a team member to put out stock the stock would not get sold and Tesco’s would make less profit. Another advantage of a hierarchy business would be a clearly defined promotion path, In the case of Tesco’s you always report directly to the job if you work hard enough you could one day have. This would be a great incentive to those people working below and therefore they would work hard in their job to achieve that position. In consequence Tesco’s company would benefit as a whole because everyone working hard for the company. Also Employees tend to be very loyal to their department within the larger Tesco’s stores, this creates a sense of job pride...
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