Organisation Change

Topics: Strategic management, Goal, Management Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Change is essential to organizations especially in times when the environment around the organization is volatile or when in a new environment. Change usually affects three characteristics of an organization. These being individuals working in the organization, culture and processes. An organization can use strategic change approach to implement change in the organization or use tactical change approach. Tactical change approach is often used when the change envisioned is only short this usually management in an organization just picks the ideas, best personnel or concepts currently in the market and just implements them to initiate change. This can be a risky way of managing organizations. On the other hand strategic change is usually done for long term goals and organization future and vision. In this the management comes up with a set of plans for action to initiate change. It considers the current situation and the environmental pressures to outline a way of meeting the organization’s goals in the long run.Organisational robustness is key to strategic change. Robustness is the ability of an organization to foresee and adjust appropriately to environmental changes with the aim of staying competitive. All change comes with some resistance and ways must be found to mitigate the resistance. This can be done by empowering members of the organization to work towards the vision, creating short term goals along and ensuring they are achieved and making the change part of the organizational culture. Despite it being much easier to implement tactical change it is however advisable to perform strategic change as it is a long term measure. An example of using a strategic change is when an airline realizes that it is not making profit on a certain route it may decide to direct more flights to another route that it has analyzed to have more passengers or slash prices as Ryanair, a European airline, did. A tactical change may be to implement a business class for a...

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