Organisation Behavior Aspect in Fc Bayern Munich

Topics: FC Bayern Munich, Germany national football team, Miroslav Klose Pages: 8 (2838 words) Published: April 3, 2009
Organizational Behavior Aspects in

FC Bayern Munich



Organizational Behavior is nowadays used as a tool to explain and analyze systematically “ factors that have an impact on how people and groups act, think, feel and respond to work and organizations, and how organizations respond to their environments” (Do-Yeong Kim, Lecture Notes). Having a look at the different studies, which Organizational Behavior uses (among others psychology, sociology and quality management), we can clearly distinguish it as a multidisciplinary perspective. One main focus of our study by now was thereby the interrelated links and relations between Individuals, groups and society. This division can be used in all studies mentioned above and in many aspects of life, as we can divide family life, academical life and job life into stages of individuals (ourselves), groups (family members/ fellow students/colleagues) and into the broader context of society.Until now, we saw the use of Organizational Behavior mainly in the explanation of the appearances of global companies such as IKEA or, companies started with an idea to change either services, quality or products to be able to join a globalized race for customers. However, these changes have to be unique on the one hand or fulfilled perfectly on the other hand to build up successful companies like Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA or Jeff Bezos of were able to do.The approach of our group with the subject matter of Organizational Behavior will be rather different from most of other papers you will receive and this will have following reasons: We chose to focus on the German football club FC Bayern Munich and apply some of the concepts of Organizational Behavior on the new appearance of this club. We think that leading a global company has to some extent similarities to leading an international football club, due to the fact that hierarchical structures (employees, Managers, CEOs etc.) are given in both examples. Furthermore, global companies and international sport clubs have employees from different countries, which are an advantage and a challenge at the same time. Last but not least, the maximization of profit is important, as it will lead in the companies’ example to the possibility to either buy better facilities, machinery or simply boost the value of its shares. The sport club will be able to buy better players, thereby increase its chances to be more successful or built facilities like stadiums or training grounds.

The selection of the team FC Bayern Munich had special reasons, due to a rather bad performance two seasons ago, a high investment took place and an international top team was established. This development is continuing during this season with the new coach Jurgen Klinsmann, a former German National Forward, who is introducing American ideas into the German sport. The paper will be divided as follows: After an introduction to the team FC Bayern Munich and its staff, we will focus on the reasons for the changes which were decided by the teams executive board and the approach of Organizational Behavior aspects.

Background Information about FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich is located in the capital of Bavaria, Munich, one of Germanys sixteen federal states. The club won twenty-one national championships and fourteen German Football-Cup Finals, which makes it the most successful football team in national rankings. Next to the National titles, FC Bayern is one of only four teams, which were able to win all UEFA club competitions (Uefa-Cup, Champions League and Super-Cup). With roughly 140.000 official members, the club is by far the largest in Germany, only outranked by Benfica Lissabon, Manchester United, Arsenal London and FC Barcelona worldwide. FC Bayern Munich’s football branch spin off 2002 from the other branches into the FC Bayern Munich AG and started its imposition from then onwards.The Football...
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