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Explanation is the macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions in Sainsbury

Macro environmental in Sainsbury
Macro miens a large process is a recorded set of instructions. It used to repeat a series of commonly used commands with limited user interaction.  Sainsbury’s is the chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. They have a large business market in around hull world. They are very careful their macro environment marketing decisions. There are five environmental factors that influence the marketing decisions and activities i.e. 1.Demographic

It’s all direction influence macro marketing process in Sainsbury. It’s a huge qualities marketing process in their brand.

Micro environmental in Sainsbury
Micro miens small, It can be used to indicate a smaller than average scale in business. However Sainsbury have a big marketing places they mention also some micro influence marketing decisions. There are six environmental factors that influence the marketing decisions and activities i.e. 1. The company

3.Marketing intermediaries
It’s all direction is very imported for a business peaces micro marketing sector.

The Sainsbury Propose segmentation and criteria to be used for products in different mark The Sainsbury Market segmentation is very organising. In
billow we can identify three different products market segments on Sainsbury.

Sainsbury's Basics Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
Baked Beans in sweet tomato sauce a very famous product in Sainsbury. It’s so chip pricing product for them and its market segment also large. Its lows price in that year is 25p.

Sainsbury's Basics 2% Fat Natural Yogurt
Sainsbury natural yogurt is very popular for her market segments because it’s Just yogurt, nothing else added Less than 2% fat

Sainsbury's British Semi Skimmed Milk
Sainsbury’s semi skimmed milk market segment is first-class because its British fresh pasteurised semi skimmed milk. Sainsbury have some won launchings product and there are Propose her that goods segmentation very Wally. Sainsbury’s also criteria her products in different mark.

The Sainsbury targeting strategy for a selected product

Sainsbury's Basics 2% Fat Natural Yogurt is very popular her market segment but their try to more improved her yogurt. Sainsbury have some targeting strategy plant for their yogurts such as… 1. Improved the yogurt qualities.

2. Lounces different types test and flabbier yogurt.
3. Try to give this more chip prices.
4. Low fat innovation
5. Improved yogurt protein places.
6. Follows customer needs.
7. Trying to be attractive the yogurt packaging process.
8. Follows others competitors yogurt quality.

Strawberry. These yogurts have 0% fat and they are healthy for you too as they contain real fruit and live bacteria cultures. Activia yogurts are known for their health benefits as they contain a special probiotic called Bifidus ActiRegularis that aids digestion. It’s not only about digesting the yogurt as you’re eating it, it’s about improving and maintaining your digestive health over a period of time. As with all probiotics, it has most effect when eaten regularly, as it helps to regulate your natural digestive responses and intestinal health over a period of time. Eating yogurt with digestive benefits will not automatically cure all your tummy troubles and just because it’s fat free does not mean that it is a weight loss aid. However, it will help to improve your intestinal and digestive functions over a period of time and eating fat free yogurt is a great snack if you are watching your weight as it’s full of fruit and goodness without the fat content and high calorie count. So why not combine the two benefits and enjoy a great tasting yogurt...
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