Organic Solvent Stress on Membrane

Topics: Solvent, Ethanol, Acetone Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: October 15, 2006
Beet Cell Lab

Purpose: The purpose of this Lab was to see how much pressure or stress the beet tissue would hold.

Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the higher % of the solvent that the higher the colour intensity will be shown on the ph colour scale. The lower the solvent then the less colour shown.

*Test Tubes (4)
*Cork Borer
*1% Acetone
*50% Acetone
*1% Methanol
*50% Methanol


*Cut 4 uniform cylinders of beet using a cork borer with a 5-mm inside diameter. Trim each cylinder to 15-mm in length. *Place these cylinders of beet tissues in a beaker and run tap water over then for 2 minutes to wash betacyanin from the injured cells on the surface. *Discard the slightly coloured solution, and place the 4 beets sections into 4 dry test tubes. *Keep all beets at room temperature

for 20 minutes and shake them occasionally. After 20 minutes, remove and discard the beet sections and observe the extent of membrane injury according to the amount of betacyanin that diffused into the organic solvent. *Quantify the relative colour of each solution between 0 (colourless) and 10(darkest red). Record your data in the table. Graph relative colour versus organic-solvent concentration according to a demonstration graph provided by your instructor.

Tube NumberTreatment Colour intensity
11% Acetone2
250% Actetone8
31% Methanol2
450% Methanol8

2a)The results my group got for part b which was the colour intensity of betacyaninun leaked from damaged membranes treated with various concentration of two organic solvents was that the stronger the substance the higher the colour intensity on the ph scale (0-10) with the 50% Methonal and Acetone ranking 8 in are opinion on the ph scale. Meanwhile the 1% Methonal and Acetone ranking 2 on the ph scale.

b) The solvents effects were basically the same on the beet tissues. 1% Methanol & Acetone had the same effect, conculiding...
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