organic solvent

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Beetroot is one of many type of beets known as Beta Vulgaris.It can be used in cooking and drinking as it is one of the source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidant as well including magnesium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C and betaine. Betaine in the cells serve as organic osmolytes which are synthesized or taken from the surroundings by the cells for protection against osmotic stress, drought and high temperature. It is also important for cardiovascular disease. The high amount of nitrate content in the beetroot help to lower the blood pressure and thus,help to prevent the cardiovascular diseases. the nitrate or known as dietary nitrate in our blood is believed to be the source of ‘biological messenger nitric oxide’. This ‘biological messenger nitricoxide’ is used by the endothelium for signalling the smooth muscle to relax. Thus, vasodilation occurs and enhance the blood flow. Other than its benefits to health, beetroot, especially the juice is used for making dyes or the food colorant as it is known for no allergic side-effects. Besides it is cheap. But, beetroot’s colour will change when heated so it is mainly used in confectionary, ice creams, tomato paste, jam and jellies. Beetroot dye may also be used in ink.when the bulb is older, the colour is deep crimson and the flesh is softer.

Cell Surface Membrane and Properties
Cell membrane is a structure of cell that functions as the barier separating the interior cellfrom the outside’s surrounding. This structure selectively let substances in and out of the cell. Itis made up of lipid molecules arranged side by side with their tails facing each other forming a phospolipid bilayer

This lipid bilayer has partial-permeability for ions and polar...
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