Organic Food Market in Hong Kong - Environmental Scan

Topics: Organic food, Sustainable agriculture, Pesticide Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: August 5, 2008
Environmental Scan
Marketing Trend

Global trend of organic food
In 1950s, consumers are starting to aware of organic product and in 1970s to 1980s, organic sector start to develop, e.g. set up regulation and certification around the world. In 1990s, the organic food market has a sharp growing, expanding at 20% a year. In 2006, the sales of organic baby food were increased 21.6%. There are also has dramatically increase in variety, availability and decreasing the cost of organic food.

Local trend of organic food
At the end of 1980s, there were many cases happened in Hong Kong that poisonous crops which are contaminated with pesticide, people in Hong Kong raise their awareness of health. Until 1990s, Organic foods have been selling in Hong Kong, most of them are imported from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan. In the few years ahead, consumption of organic food is increasing. In 2000s, the local market has a strong demand on fresh organic foods

International Trade Centre (ITC ) done a set of survey and observed some trends of Hong Kong. For example, there are more convenience organic food such as pre-packed organic salads; some public canteens and catering buy more organic food; provision of organic products with biodegradable packaging.

Major competitor

In Hong Kong, there are three major type of retail shops is selling organic food. First type is supermarket, e.g. Park n’ shop and Welcome are two major chains. Second type is department stores, e.g. Citysuper, Seibu, Jusco, Sogo. Third type is specialty healthy food shops, around 50 to health food shops selling organic, health and diet-supplement foods.

General type of consumer
Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre (HKORC) release the result of a survey on 7 Jan 2005, it shows that 30% of the respondents had purchased organic foods. It also shows us the people who are interested in buying organic food are high education qualification, executives,...
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