Organic Farming or Factory Farming

Topics: Agriculture, Industrial agriculture, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Organic Farming or Factory Farming?
In the documentary, Food Inc., director Robert Kenner reveals the truth of factory farming and organic farming. In the film, he interviews an organic farmer, Joel Salatin, who owns Poly Face Farm, in Swoope, Virginia. Salatin believes that animals should be fed with grass instead of corn. Corn is a natural resource that both the factory farm and organic farm uses. Factory farming use corn because it is cheap, easy to grow, and makes the animals fat very fast. Salatin lives off everything that he grows and when killing the animals, he does it in the open air. He believes the sun’s disinfecting powers. However, in the factory farm, they kill animals in a building which keep the air tight, so this causes meat to get contaminated. Taking into the account of the environment, raising the animals, and the workers, organic farming is more convenient than factory farming.

Factory farming is an operation that the people created to produce food very fast. It uses an enormous space of land and machines to help with harvest livestock and resources. The environment of factory farming is cover with machines. These machines cause contamination to the air, water, and soil. So this is life threatening to the people. In the film, there was a mother’s son who died because of the cause of contamination. He couldn’t drink and all he could ask of his parents was water. The situation of contamination also affects the welfare of the animals. The animals are kept together in small cages that have no sunlight or even windows. The densely populated animals and the limited movement causes the increase of disease. Factory farming also uses antibiotics for all of their livestock. It was used to make the animals grow quicker and prevent diseases. The unhealthy conditions of factory farming not only affected the animals but afterward it affected the people (Beyond Factory Farming). This was also another cause of the death of the little boy in the film....
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