Organic Chemistry is Important

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Extra Credit #3 Assignment

Organic chemistry as we have learned in our class is “that branch of chemistry that deals with compounds that contain carbon” (ACS). The study of organic compounds is an important field of chemistry that focuses on the element carbon and it numerous isomers that are present everywhere. Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the structures, properties, and reactions of compounds that contain carbon and how they impact everyday lives of people. The study of its structures, properties and reactions is vital in different fields such as biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicine and engineering. The field of organic chemistry is designed to create new molecules designed to have important properties to help better the human race.

The organic materials designed by organic mechanism are central to the economic growth of many different countries’ economies. They are useful to many industries, which include companies that make rubber, plastic, fuel, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergent, coatings, dyestuff, and agrichemicals (ACS). These companies many make of these useful things that we use everyday to better our standard of living. Many organic materials are used in many technological materials. These materials are composed of bits of organic compounds. Organic compounds are essentials crucial components that are used to enhance of standard of living.

The use of organic material is an important factor in the field of medicine. Many organic compounds are synthesized to make medication. The fundamental of most pharmaceutical companies is the work of highly skilled organic chemists. The medication is vital for fighting human diseases and illness. Organic compounds have been used to make antibiotics, create antitumor agents, and make replacements for certain hormones such as insulin. There are many uses for organic compounds in medicine because organic chemist can be used to create new organic molecules. The new...

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