Organic Architecture

Topics: Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, Organic architecture Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 11, 2013
5 Beautiful Examples of Organic Architecture
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“…in an organic architecture, that is to say an architecture based upon organic ideals, bad design would be unthinkable.” -Frank Lloyd Wright
What is Organic Architecture?
Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated the term "organic" into his architectural philosophy in about 1908. But he wasn't thinking about farmer's markets and pesticide-free produce. Organic architecture is more of a way of living than a tangible thing. It involves respecting the properties of surrounding natural materials, understanding the function of the building, and making them work together with the building site in a harmonious way. One famous example is of Wright rejecting the idea of making a bank look like a Greek temple. | LEGO Architecture Robie House 21010Amazon Price: $120.00 List Price: $199.99|

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Robie House, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Robie Residence in Chicago, Illinois was built in 1909. Its multiple roof planes not only protect the interior, but emphasize the building's volume and mass. Here, Wright shows his mastery of the Prairie style structure (open plans, horizontal lines, native materials, and no or few trees) but also his mastery of creating "microclimates" within structures. Wright also designed the mechanical and electrical systems which manifest themselves in the interior living areas. There is no basement in the original design of this raised residence.


Taliesin West, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Taliesin West, in Scottsdale, AZ, was Wright's home and studio. Designed for these purposes, the site is still used as a living, working, and educational setting. Dramatic terraces and walkways display the desert...
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