Organic and Inorganic

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Organic and Inorganic Evidence
Johana Maria
CRJ 311 Forensics
Henry Johnson
July 31, 2011

Organic and Inorganic Evidence
In this paper I will decribe the difference organic and inorganic evidence. Compare the strengh and weakness that each have. The significance of either organic or inorganic evidence as it travels through the justice system from the crime scene to prosecution.

Some of the example of inorganic evidence is paint and glass. This two are the most important evidence that contains inorganic compounds. Paint tends to be inorganic in nature. The white, red, yellow pigments of paint is inorganic by nature.

Organic compounds are based on carbon these are found only on living things. Inorganic is the opposite it doesnt come from living things its from synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon are carbon based but are not found in plants or animals. From a forensics science point of view both inorganic and organic compounds are very important when found in items of evidence.

Organic compounds are extracted from living beings while inorganic compounds are created either due to natural processes or  in the laboratory.
Inorganic compounds contain metal and other elements while organinc compound contain carbon. Another example is that inorganic compounds can make salt while organinc does not. Organic compounds are biological and inorganic are mineral in nature. Organic compound can form long and complex chain of molecules(hence form polymers) whereas inorganic compound does not have this capacity.

Organic compound are source of energy for human life(as food) whereas inorganic compound act as catalyst.
Inorganic trace evidence, which includes hairs, fibers, tool marks, ballistics, glass, paint and other evidence that might be found on or around a crime scene. The second is organic trace evidence, which refers to trace evidence that comes from a human or animal. Fluid is organic compound. If is left at a crime scene this most likely...
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