Organelles and Hormones

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Question: Describe five different organelles and their functions. Explain the similarity and differences between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic.
All eukaryotic cells, whether from animals, plants, protists, and fungi, are fundamentally similar to one another but different from prokaryotic cell. A eukaryotic cell contains various other organelles, which perform specific functions in the cell. These organelles can be organized into few basic functional groups such as genetic control, distribution and breakdown, and energy processing.

The nucleus and ribosomes carry out genetic control of the cells. Nucleus contain DNA replication and synthesizes RNA, while ribosome synthesizes polypeptides (proteins). Organelles that involved in distribution and breakdown of molecules includes Golgi apparatus and lysosomes. Golgi apparatus transport and sort macromolecule and also form lysosomes (in animal), where it serve as a recycling centers for animal cells. Finally, Mitochondria function in energy processing, where it covers chemical energy in food to energy of ATP.

On the other hand, prokaryotic cells are structurally simpler than eukaryotic cells. The most obvious difference between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell is the nucleus. Eukaryotic cells have a membrane enclosed nucleus, while prokaryotic cell does not. Prokaryotic cells reproduce and divides through binary fission, while eukaryotic cells reproduce and divides through mitosis and meiosis. However, despite the differences, both prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells contain ribosomes and DNA as their genetic material.

Overall, prokaryotic cells is much differ than eukaryotic cells, as well as the structure of their organelles and functions. Question: Name four different hormones. Describe by which gland/location/target which cells. Explain steroid and non-steroid hormones.

Some endocrine glands are specialist that primarily secrete hormones into blood, such as the thyroid. Some serve as dual roles by...
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