Organ Trafficking

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Cause of organ transaction - money

1. Definition of organ transaction and black market.

Such commercialization of human organs is called organ trafficking. There is clearly a market comprised of people who need money, and people of means who are willing to spend money for organs. It's a black market, meaning the practice is wholly illegal and secretive.

2. Price of organ

Here is the price of each organ in illegal organ transaction. Pair of eyeballs $1525, scalp $607, skull with teeth $1200, shoulder $500, coronary artery $1525, heart $119000, liver $157000, hand and forearm $385, pint of blood $337, spleen $508, stomach $508, small intestine $ 2519, kidney $15000-40000, gallbladder $1219, skin $10 per square inch. Those prices are the average price at organ black market in America. Sum of all organs price is $301833. However, there are differences to price of illegal organ transaction.

3. Differences and illegal organ transaction

3-1. Increase in broker and black market

There is difference between buyer and seller. For example, average price which paid by kidney buyer is $150,000 but average price which paid to seller of kidney is $5,000. This difference increases a number of brokers for illegal organ transaction. As the Medical Department of China, number of kidney transplantation in 2004 at china was 6000 and from last 10 years, number of operation is increased three times. There is no reason to increase three times in an organ donor in china. Thus, it means there was illegal organ transaction and there was broker in the process of organ serve. As we can inferred, there was also increasing in number of broker and black market. Besides, experts from the World Health Organization estimate 11,000 illegal organ transactions took place in 2010

3-2. Illegal organ transplant tourism

There is another difference to price of organs between countries. For example, price for kidney buyer in Saudi Arabia is $160,000 and price for kidney buyer in Singapore is $300,000. Lastly there is difference to price of transplant operation between nations. For example, kidney transplant operation in China is $15,200 and kidney transplant operation in Europe is $32,000. In addition, according to the Second Global Consultation on Human Transplantation at the WHO headquarters in Geneva in 2007, Shimazono estimated that 5-10% of kidney transplants performed annually around globe are currently via organ trade and the credibility of this estimate is given by the following data: at least 100 nationals from countries such as Saudi Arabia (700 in 2005), Taiwan (450 in 2005), Malaysia (131 in 2004) and South Korea (124 in the first 8 month of 2004).

4. Conclusion

These differences and expensive price of organs are triggering the illegal organ transaction and it grows the black market for illegal organ transaction.

Effect of organ transaction– crime

1. Introduction

As we can see at the top of the page, the overall price for sum of whole organ in one person is $ 300833. Because of this expense, brokers are started to kill a people to get organs and money.

2. Quantity of illegal organ trafficking

The kidney is the most commonly transplanted organ and global estimate of 68,500 transplants performed per year. This is followed by the heart (5,200), liver (20,100), pancreas (2,800) and lung (3,250). Experts have estimated that globally, 5-10 percentage of kidney transplants are a result of trafficking. It means that illegal trafficking accounts for some 3,400 – 6,800 kidney transplants per year. The partial liver transplant which is 20100 is the second most common procedure. According to a 2009 Reuters report, the World Health Organization estimates about 10 percentages of all organ transplants worldwide involve unacceptable or illegal transplants. By using conservative range of 5 to 10, we can estimate that a year range of 1000 to 2000 partial river transplants contain illegally acquired livers....
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