Organ Trade in Iran

Topics: Organ, Kidney, Organ transplant Pages: 2 (299 words) Published: June 23, 2013
What is organ trafficking?
* Trade involving inner human organs (heart, liver, kidneys) * For organ transplants
* Illegal in all countries except Iran

* Takes from both cadavers (13%) & donors
* Law was passed in 2000
* Iranians cannot sell to non-citizens

* Find donor/seller
* Some people advertise their kidneys by writing their blood type and phone number on walls opposite major hospitals in graffiti style * OR
* Non-profit charity organizations finds best matches and introduces them to the patients * Donor is then compensated by both the government and the recipient

* Poverty
* Being paid around $2,000 to $4,000 for a kidney
* Compare this to it being sold in the black-market: $160,000

* Iran is an Islamic country
* One hand: Islam encourages helping others & saving lives * On the other: Vital organs cannot be donated before death, other organs are permitted but it should not be harmful to the donor. (Donor & recipient consent are necessary).

* GOOD: Does not have a waiting list (US >100,000 on waiting list in 2010, in Iran it was eliminated in 1999); (30,000 US patients w kidney failure have died waiting for an organ that never arrived). * Does not have a shortage of available organs (whereas it is actually a universal problem) * Better than making it illegal: hospitals pays medical expenses of the transplant * BAD: A lot of competition for those selling kidneys

* Long term outcomes for the seller are not yet known in the long run (as it is quite a recent system); price will keep decreasing to the point where there is no value * Ages between 20-30: young & uneducated about the risks * Health after donation? (Living with one kidney); (Often not given proper care & don’t receive follow ups).
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