Organ Sales

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 25, 2006
Richard A. Epstein
Thinking the Unthinkable: Organ Sales
Richard A. Epstein puts forth a very convincing argument on selling organs; he brings up many factors which could persuade you to think the way he does on the issue of selling organs. Epstein argues that we should legalize selling organs. He presents both sides of the argument as well as a rebuttal to the opposite side of the issue.

Epstein also argues many different factors which could lead you to disagree with him, arguments which are not so effective for example he brings up the factor concerning poor people; he states that if we legalize selling our organ it would greatly benefit poor people because of their need for money, but at the same the poor would be the ones that are least looked at because of possible disease. You cannot hep but to wonder why Epstein would even bring up this argument it is not a strong one and could take away the convincing power of his argument. Another concern about selling organs is that the poor will not be able to buy organs, its going to become like e bay market where people bid and the poor will not have a chance and therefor die.

He states many convincing factors such as; when we give our organs we are able to give people another chance at life. One of his rebuttals to people who think organs should not be sold is that in a way we already sell them, he states that they are indirectly sold because the coast of organ transplant surgery is so expensive; the transplant centers as well as the doctors are the ones that are making the profit not the person giving the organ. He also argues that if it were to come to giving an organ to a family member there would be no question weather to do it or not, but when it comes to a stranger people will second guess it and begin to think about the costs; this is why our society is so greatly effected; people don't think its as...
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