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My speech today is about being an organ donor. How important is it to you that you become an organ donor? To many people being an organ donor is the least important of their morals. The process of saving a life, statistics showing how important it is, and it being recommended by a doctor all show how important organ donation is to me. Imagine a family member or friend in need of a transplant. How devastated would you be knowing that they would have to wait for a donor? Waiting for an organ can be a long process. It could be weeks, months, or years and sometimes people die before an organ becomes available. Helping to save another human being is a choice that you can make by becoming an organ donor. By becoming an organ donor, you may one day give another person a second chance. Do you know how many people are waiting for an organ transplant? There are currently 120,949 people waiting. These people do not know for sure they will get the transplant they’re waiting for because there are only 11,801 donors available according to UNOS, United Network for Organ Sharing. UNOS also states that one person can save eight lives. According to the website,, it states that eighteen people die each day waiting for an organ. Every ten minutes a name is being added to the list. With these type of statistics, it shows that becoming an organ donor can help so many people. Doctors all over the country are expressing to their patients how important it is to become organ donors. There is such a shortage of organ donors that new policies are becoming a huge debate between the medical professionals. Some are even debating taking organs while the patient is still alive, but brain dead. According to an article in, “The Independent Institute”, dated February 19, 2001; Doctor Alexander Tabarrock stated, “No give, no take.” He believes that only patients who donate an organ should receive an organ when needed. Donating your organs to help or save another life is the...

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