Organ Donation, Why Everyone Should Be A Donor

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I think that every human being should be an organ donor for several reasons. Just think about it. If you were to ever leave this world without a warning and you had the chance to help somebody else from doing the same, would you help them? You may not know them but they live just like you; they probably have a family and ones who care about them. Don't be selfish and say that you don't want your body parts stolen after you die and given to someone else. You could bring happiness to another person's family by sharing life.

One of the greatest miracles of modern medicine is the ability to successfully transplant human organs, such as kidneys, corneas, and hearts, into humans who would die otherwise. At this very moment, 71,000 people are waiting for organ transplants. Seventeen of the unfortunate people die each day. For them the wait is now over.

People whose organs don't work properly live half-lives that don't affect just them but all the people they love. Let me bring this into a real story. Her name was Claire. She had two small children. When her kidneys stopped working she thought her life was over. Three times a week she spent half a day in dialysis and the rest of the day recovering from the procedure. She had no energy and was always exhausted. She looked 20 years older than she was. When she had found a kidney she was happiest person in the world. Unfortunately, she died before the organ had gotten to her. It is too late to save Claire, or to repair her children's lives, but the one thing that we can do is help others who are in the same situation.

It is very simple; all you have to do is carry around a donor card in your wallet or purse. It tells doctors that if you die your organs can be used to help people like Claire. You may also show that you are a donor on your driver's license. One donor can provide more than 12 different organs and tissues. You may not be saving the life of only just one person; you could be saving the life of twelve....
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