Organ Donation Persuasive Speech

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In the field of medical science, organ donation is a popular procedure that saves many lives. With every development that is deemed perfect, there is a great flaw. As people are saved with a new kidney or heart, more die waiting for a transplant. An absence of donors has led to an alternative that has sparked more controversy than well-being. Although organ harvesting impedes our right to life, further advancements have the possibility of saving lives and alternatives to donors, such as convicts.
Organ harvesting has resulted in countless deaths and life-threatening injuries, such as a six year old boy in China who was found with both his eyes removed, or here in the United States where a Georgia teen’s corpse was found stuffed with newspaper since his brain and vital organs had been removed, (Archer, Dale). Organ harvesting has aspects in which people view as immoral and overall evil. Americans today often turn a blind eye to this subject because they believe the practice is only foreign. However, organ harvesting has further imbedded itself into American medical practices, occurring more and more as the years progress. Michael Mastromarino, an oral surgeon and...

At certain prisons in China, the government often salvages organs ceased from death row inmates (Getlen, Larry). As convicts continue to break laws, perhaps their rights should be invoked, thus allowing the government to redistribute organs those desperately in need. Death row inmates have committed such heinous crimes that they have no right to impede on saving lives. Adding to that, black market sales produce major profit in which organ harvesting it its number one resource. The average kidney buyer in the United States goes for about $120,000 (Havocscope), that’s enough money to buy a 2010 Ferrari plus you’re saving the life of another person who needs an organ...
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