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April 28th, 2013

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Check Yes To Save A Life

If you could save a life after losing yours, would you? It is as easy as checking yes or no at the Department of Motor Vehicles or going online to, whether you would help someone after you have passed on. Organ and tissue donation is a topic that does not get enough attention. "Ninety-five percent of Americans say that they support donation yet the number of registered donors is much smaller ( " Anyone can sign up to be a donor. After death you can donate your organs. Each day 18 people will die waiting on organs. Tissues are also able to be donated. The age of donation do not matter. Some mothers donate the blood of the umbilical cord after they have given birth. Certain health conditions do not matter such as hypertension because it can be treated by prescription medicine. Thirty-five percent of the deceased people over the age of fifty have been organ donors. A person's ethnicity, gender, nor religion plays a role in whether someone can be a donor. "Donor recipients do not have to be from the Unites States, though they do have to be accepted by a transplant center. The number of transplants for foreign nations are limited and closely monitored (" Infants are able to receive transplants. In 2011, 281 infants under the age of one received organ or tissue donations(" Recipients do not have to be just American. By donating you can help someone for foreign countries that come to America to get the transplant because it may not be able to get an organ or tissue in their native country. If a donor is under the age of eighteen they have to have guardian consent. Any person eighteen or older can be a donor, even if a family member objects they still have to abide by the wishes of the deceased. Not all donors are deceased. A person can live without a kidney, your body will still function normally. You can also...
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